Care for the Elderly

about us


Our aim at Ty Mair Care Home is to provide a high standard of care in luxurious surroundings. Whilst doing so we will always encourage independence, maintain self respect and preserve dignity, so that our residents can lead a full and satisfying life, with emphasis placed on the following:





Privacy: The right to be left alone or undisturbed and free from intrusion or public attention into their affairs.


Dignity: Recognizing the value of people, regardless of circumstances by respecting their individuality and personal needs. Treating all residents with respect.


Independence: Allowing and creating opportunities for individuals to act and think without reference to others whilst allowing for a degree of calculated risk by the resident.


Choice: To be given the opportunity to make choices independently to make choices from a wide range of options.


Rights: To maintain all rights and entitlements allowed to all as members of the community.


Fulfilment: To develop to the full, personal goals and abilities in every respect of daily life.


Specialist Care:  We provide specialist care for residents with Cancer, Parkinson’s and Stroke

Inspection Report

'The inspectors spoke with many of the service users, staff members and relatives during the day of inspection in order to gain their perspective of life in the care home. On the whole the feedback was very positive, which indicated to the inspectors that all those spoken to were satisfied with the service provided at the care home.’ ‘The home appeared warm, clean and well maintained. Service users were observed in a number of differing settings within the care home such as dining/lounge areas and their own rooms. Those seen and spoken to were very happy with the service provided at the care home and felt that they had the freedom to express choice and that their dignity and privacy were maintained at all times. All those spoken to felt that there was a wide and varied choice of good tasting food, which appeared evident during a tour of the dining area.'